Are you looking for a solution for your city apartment or your house by the sea or in the mountains to welcome your guests or create a comfortable day-time relaxation area and sleep on a proper bed at night without having a great deal of space available?
Here you will find several conversion solutions especially for you…


Are you having trouble furnishing your studio apartment? Or would you like more space in your flat? The space-saving solutions in this range will give you inspiration and solve your problem with elegance, reliability and convenience. Take a look at this section and you will be amazed…


To give your pied à terre in town a more appealing look, for managers or students looking for a setting with just the right professional and elegant spaces for a day of work or study, turning at night into a comfortable and cosy bedroom…


This is the area where the people we care most about in our entire home live and for our children we want an ideal room where they can play, invite friends, grow up and sleep in perfect safety. If you think small spaces are a limitation, just take a look at this section